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Maintenance Services

Did you know that an excessively cold winter can cause your monument to move? If the frost line reaches beneath the monument foundation in the cemetery, it can cause the foundation, and therefore the monument, to sink or tilt. The headstone can even become crooked by appearing to ‘walk’ across the foundation. Additionally, the tablet and base of older monuments were often sealed together with lead. Lead was the best material available at the time but it can become brittle and break away as the years go by. When this seal is broken, water can seep into the joint and cause the tablet to move around on the base during freeze and thaw cycles. Our monument maintenance and restoration services can straighten and level existing memorials in the cemetery as well as reseal a monument tablet back to its base. Pricing is very reasonable and the work done can preserve your gravestone for decades to come.

Let Haertel Monuments in Stevens Point and Wisconsin Rapids help you fix and repair your crooked, damaged or worn out headstone or gravestone.

Maintenance and Restoration